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JetBlue: Preserving a Dynamic Culture
We helped bring humanity back to air travel.

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“My executive coaching experience with gothamCulture has clearly impacted my company's bottom line. My ability to direct and lead people has strengthened the level of respect, influence, and relationships I have with others. I highly recommend such a confidential and helpful approach.”
Vice President, Marketing, Footlocker




Providing client value through the assessment and transformation of organizational culture is what we do. Helping leaders understand the culture in which they operate and better manage the drivers of culture directly linked to performance is how we do it. This often includes helping leaders become their best through leadership development and coaching, creating aligned and high-performing leadership teams and helping organizations effectively manage change on all levels.

Our team helps organizations around the world maximize potential and improve bottom line performance at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Our systematic approach to change identifies key performance drivers and strategies for improvement and mobilizes those solutions into action. Our services include:

Organizational Culture Assessment and Transformation

An organization's ability to execute on business strategy is largely contingent on a culture that supports and reinforces attitudes and behaviors that will drive toward that strategy. Too often companies develop wonderful strategies that never move to implementation. Why? Because various aspects of their culture drive behavior that is in direct conflict with what they are hoping to achieve.

Our approach to culture assessment and transformation is performance focused, analyzing cultural traits that have been empirically proven to link to bottom-line business performance. Our team of highly-skilled associates is positioned to assist our client organizations evolve their cultures towards high-performance no matter what the need.

Leadership Development

From front-line managers to senior leaders, each organization has unique leadership requirements. Turning such requirements into customized development experiences aligned with the culture and strategy keeps the organization moving forward on the growth curve. Through measurable, coachable, accountable, and transformational development experiences, leaders are prepared for the most demanding challenges.

We help Sonos create meaningful values so they succeed in bringing music to every home.  ~  We help the Metropolitan Transportation Authority create high performing teams so they can move millions of New Yorkers everyday.  ~  We help Virgin America create innovative leadership development programs that engage employees in creating an airline that people adore.